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Monday, 5 August 2013

for this ramadhan...........

assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh

hye uols, have been about 2 months left this blog and aura2 menulis dan menaip agak dah hilang . and 2 bulan jugak nad tak jumpa family . k , sangatlah terseksa . it's absolutely my new experience of being a tough girl. hehe . *bajetbajet je . because nad tak pernah tk jumpa mum n dad selama dua bulan tahuu . paling tidak pun dua minggu . 

andd this ramadhan is completely different from last year just because this is my first time fasting in a bourding school . sometimes , feel like it quite fun because  berbuka dengan family homeroom . yelah , sebelum ni nak sangat kan berbuka dgn kawan , ha , ambik kau tiap2 hari menatap muka kawan . nad balik hari Jumaat haritu baru dpt berbuka dgn family .

baju raya pun nad baru je beli in a hurry because takde masa lain dahh . so , my holiday is aslo including semester holiday for about 2 weeks. teacher left us with handout which i think now I have 10 subjects for homework . and now i am busying to finish my homework as soon as possible so that my holiday won't be spoiled by hw -,-

i think i just want to share that . thankyouu fr reading 
assalamualaikum and happy eid mubarak 


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